Okay, Start Here..

So I guess.. this is the start! Hello! I just need to go over a few house cleaning rules before we really get into this, please bear with me.

  1. Depression isn’t cute – I don’t even know why this is a thing.
  2. Happiness isn’t always easy – It’s not like you take the pills and it makes it so much easier.
  3. PB&J Sandwiches – Not childish, just 100% delicious.

Okay sweet. Now that those things are out of the way, welcome! I can’t promise you that this will be easy. The past 7 years for me haven’t been easy either, suffering from Major Depressive Disorder, but I know I can get through it, and I know you can too. Maybe you aren’t like me, and don’t have Depression. It’s cool, be glad you don’t. But if you do, I got you. You’re in good hands here. Learn from my mistakes and what I have done.



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