Inspiration for the Ages

Good morning world! I hope everyone has a glorious Tuesday. It’s Taco Tuesday in my household, so I know I’ll be having a great day.

As I was, trying to, wake up this morning, I was perusing Facebook, and in my “On This Day..” app, there was this funny post I did from May 31, 2012. It read: “If only closed minds and hearts came with a closed mouth.” As my tired eyes tried to find the Share button, I realized how much this means to me. There will always be different opinions in the world, and I am not saying that we shouldn’t hear those opinions, and close our minds to them. If I got into a political discussion with an anti-LGBT person, I would gladly talk with them, as long as they were willing to hear my side, as much as I am willing to hear their side. It is the people that don’t want to hear it whatsoever, and want to argue that their side is the correct side, this that and the other.

People who have the glorious fate of not dealing with depression, at least some that I have come across, keep their minds closed to what it really means. I have had people tell me that I just need therapy, just need to talk it out. Which can help, but it isn’t for everyone. There are a vast majority of us, where the depression is so severe that we need the extra push from medical care, and there is nothing wrong with that! It is okay to be on medication. Speaking of… Need to go take mine. I hope that one day we can be more understanding of those with mental disorders. Sure would be nice. *rant complete* Have a great day everyone!


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