Coping Mechanisms and Coloring

I color a lot. More than a 17 year old should. I mean, I guess there are no rules when it comes to activities like such, but ya know, you do what you got to do. Coping mechanism. Bam. Right there. After about 6 years in intensive family and individual therapy, I learned some pretty awesome skills to help me cope with the symptoms of depression. One of them was coloring. My therapist would sit me down, give me an easel with some markers, and I colored pretty little pictures as I talked out my issues.

To be honest, I don’t cope with situational depression very well at all. Like now. I am currently in a rut, and eating ice cream 5 minutes after I had Ramen Noodles. I eat a lot when I am stressed out or upset. A habit I know is extremely unhealthy, especially when I get severely depressed.

I have done much better with situational depression than I had several years ago. Now I get more hyped about working out, going out with friends, or doing anything in all honesty. But there are some days where, yeah, I eat more than I should, sleep a lot, and dare I open a window. I turn into a vampire, hissing as the light shines it’s happy rays on me. “NO! LET ME BE SAD!”

Coping with certain situations is certainly a skill I hope to improve upon when I get into my next two years of college.

How do you cope with situations that upset you?


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