Long Distance and Depression

Hello June! Looking like you’ll be a good one already. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer. So as the title reads, this is definitely not a happy topic. Its a double sadness whammy. It’s a twofer, as Chris likes to say.
Chris is my boyfriend, currently enlisted, living over 1,000 miles away. It hasn’t been easy on us, but we have pushed through for the sake of our love for each other. We have been together about a year now, and it has been awesome. Granted it has been tough, as any long distance is. The part that makes it extremely tough is when I get in one of my ruts. It is sad that he isn’t here to help with each one, but it helps me push myself to handle it on my own.

I firmly believe, whether long distance or not, you need to try and be able to handle your moods on your own. Sure, it’s always great to have someone there. Always awesome to have someone aid you in trying to be better. But when the time comes that you need to be alone, you need to be able to calm down on your own and do what you can to help yourself get better. I only recently just mastered this, so don’t worry. It takes time and effort. Don’t worry if you can’t get it the first time (God, I feel like I am writing instructions for some DIY project).

I want to know, what do you all want me to focus on? Am I doing good? Comment! Leave me an email!


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