Supportive Parents

So my adoring little sister is attending a STEM conference today. She’s so bright, so intelligent, and by far the most quirkiest kid I’ve ever met. Nevertheless, I am sitting in the entrance to USF’s main hall, taking all this positive energy in, getting ready for my day, seeing as though I haven’t woken up yet. There is this father who just walked in with, who I will assume is, his daughter. I only heard snippets of the conversation, but what I mainly heard was him telling her to “suck it up”, “stop being a brat”, things you never really want to hear as a tween girl or boy. Now, that being said I didn’t know the reasons for those statements, so I can’t make accusations. But the fact that he girl started crying in front of me, is enough for me to be bothered by it. 

I am lucky. I have parents that never reprimanded me for my emotions. Being that I was extremely depressed for a majority of my life, I was emotional A LOT. But I have wonderful parents who realized this, and never made me feel like less of a person because I had such strong emotions.  

Hearing stories of boys who are yelled at because “men don’t cry”, or girls that are told that they overreact; it is all, for lack of better words, bullshit. Everyone has emotions, whether super strong, or even lacking. But everyone’s emotions are valid and should not be treated as if they aren’t. 


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