Sweating out Sadness

Evening! Hope everyone is doing well, as per usual! I’ve got a lot to talk about since I missed yesterday.

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me. My best friend graduated high school, and I can’t express how proud I am of her. These past two semesters had been really hard on me and, for lack of better words, she kept it real. Watching her get everything she deserved by walking across that stage, made me so honored to know her.
When I had rough patches, when I randomly started crying, when I ate more food than I should have, she was there to keep my head on straight.

Always great to have friends like that.

In my efforts to clean my room to prepare things for college, I came across something that means the world to me, and proves now that I don’t have an excuse to not work out. When I was 15 I competed in a bodybuilding competition, and I found all my old workout and diet plans tucked away safely in a folder. bodybuilding

And it still means so much to me. I lost a lot of my motivation after the competition, and I am trying my very best to not lose hope. One thing I will always suggest to people that suffer from Depression, is to workout. I know. It is tough to even get out of bed somedays, much less workout. You don’t have to do heavy lifting like I did. Just a simple stroll down the street is a great start. But it honestly does so much aid for your brain, you have no idea.

There are days where I don’t think I can do it, or even come close to my inspiration, Dana Linn Bailey, the first IFBB Pro, Ms. Physique Olympia. But it really does take time, dedication, and all your inner strength. One day I hope to take the stage again by storm, and really look and feel the way I always dreamed of. But in the mean time, I will just work as hard as I possibly can to get there.

There will always be bad days, days where you feel like you can’t do it. Don’t focus on the way you feel in that moment, but focus on how great you will feel after the workout, and that’ll help. It did for me.


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