Always Tomorrow

Here, in the Sunshine State, we are getting hit by a tropical storm. It’s not too bad, but it is bad enough to close schools in the area for the day. I usually enjoy the rain. It’s calming, relaxing, and I love hearing the pitter patter of drops on the window. Today was a little different. While the rain was wonderful, I just felt.. Empty. No rhyme or reason, just felt very alone.
I think that is a hard concept for some people to grasp. That some how there has to be a reason for your sadness, and that you were “triggered” by something. Sometimes there are triggers, sometimes there aren’t. I know I have had days that everything was wonderful and perfect, then BAM! just sudden dread sets in. Oh well. Then the times that there are triggers, I think are even worse then when there isn’t, because then I am stuck thinking about that trigger and over thinking it, falling more and more into this pit of bleh.

That is the medical term by the way… “Bleh”

The best way to get out of the funk is to just find a way to cope, and that is all individual. Sometimes you just have to wait till the next day, when hopefully it’ll be sunshine and rainbows, and you hear the pitter patter of love bugs flying into your window at top speed.

What is something that triggers you into feeling sad?


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