What is True?

Good morning, and happy Thursday! Work week is almost done, don’t lose hope!

Today, I wanted to bring to light some of the myths about depression, hopefully to bring around more of an understanding to the mental illness. I am using the myths from Mental Health America but, I am writing my own excerpts on why it is false. The published article is linked below.

Myths About Depression

Myth: Depression is not a real medical problem
If it were not a real medical problem, I wouldn’t have to seek medical treatment. Just because it is not a physical ailment, does not mean that it doesn’t affect us any less. Trying to tell someone that suffers from depression to stop taking medication, is like telling a diabetic to stop taking insulin. Some of us just can’t do it.

Myth: Depression only occurs when something bad happens in your life
Granted, something bad can happen to trigger the brain to produce less serotonin. My parent’s divorce was what triggered my depression when I was 11. But it doesn’t mean that is the case for everyone. Depression isn’t caused by failing an exam or a break up, because you can recover from that sadness.

Myth: Depression goes away
The fact that some people have that opprotunity to have depression that eventually goes away, and don’t need medical treatment, you are blessed. You are extremely lucky and I am happy for you. But there still is a large majority of us that don’t have that opprotunity.

Myth: Talking about depression makes it worse
What do you think I am doing here? I talk about it often to bring light to the topic. To help someone that may be suffering in silence and is too afraid to reach out for help. Talking about it with someone who is clinically depressed, you never know, may help them. It also opens the conversation to talk about mental illness in general.

There are ways to keep the conversation going. Just make sure you have the facts. Here is a link to Washington University School of Medicine, that lists pretty accurate facts to Major Depressive Disorder.

If you suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, what do you wish
others would know or understand?




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