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The Body Journey

Good morning, and happy Friday! We made it. Started from Monday, now we’re here. Good job team.

I don’t know how to go about talking about this. It’s touchy for me, and I am sure sensitive for everyone. Our own perception of ourselves, can be our worst enemies. How you view yourself can destroy you, or help you rise. Our bodily perceptions of ourselves have been known to contribute to some peoples depression. And, for me, that is something I have dealt with for awhile. Doesn’t help that when my depression set in I was beginning the most hormonal, most “personal judgment time” of my life… The teen years.

These pictures are from a very wonderful time in my life. I am very proud of this moment, knowing how hard I worked to get where I was. It comes down to the cliche, “don’t give up” speech. But it is a good speech. Whether it is reaching your fitness or weight loss goals, or being more confident in general with yourself, don’t give up (easier said than done, I know).

For the longest time before my competition, and even during it, I would micro manage my body. Point out what I hated, pull at loose skin, poke at undeveloped muscle. God, looking back now, I was a mess. Now, even though I have gained weight, lost muscle, and haven’t worked out or been eating like I should, I’m confident. Sure there will always be things I don’t like, hello, that’s normal!

Long story short, it takes time, effort, and the right mental place. Especially when you’re dealing with Depression, it can be 10x harder. Trust me, I get that. If it comes down to you telling yourself in the mirror everyday,

“Hey, you’re awesome,”

Then why aren’t you doing it? DON’T GIVE UP!

What is something you need to work on in bettering yourself?



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