Happiness is a Job

Happy Thursday everyone! It is a bright sunny day, of which I will most likely spend inside.. Oh well. Today is day 4 of my new job, and I am really loving it. I work in a “Tex-Mex” restaurant, and I am so happy to be back working. The part that is hard though, is having to go through all the training again, the meeting of employees, studying a whole new menu, gaining trust from managers, the whole deal. But it is a job of which I love to work and am happy to work.

Starting a new job is a breeding ground for new anxiety, new reasons to crawl back into bed and not do anything. But, when you enjoy your job you tend to learn to push through it all. First day of this new job, I was on top of cleaning tables like I usually do during slow nights, and spilt coffee all over one of the servers. He cleaned himself up, he mopped for me and was super kind about it. Completely the opposite from what I was expecting.

Let me touch on the title for a second. For most people, happiness comes naturally. It is easy to just smile and walk around and have a fantastic day. For those people, the job is easy. For us with depression, it’s a different story. Everyday trying to maintain a certain level of happiness, is difficult and definitely energy consuming. For us, the job is tedious and hard. Doesn’t mean that the job isn’t do-able though. Just means we have to work twice as hard to make it seem like it comes with ease.

I hope everyone enjoys their day! Can’t wait to head into work tonight!


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