Inevitable Heartbreak: My “I’m Sorry” Open Letter

It is currently 12:26 in the morning, and let me be honest, I am not used to being up this late. This isn’t usually what I do, but feelings need to be written in order to cope with the crushing pain in my chest. Breakups aren’t fun, I think we can all agree on that. But as the tears clog my vision and “our song” blares in my ears, I can’t help but notice that somehow… I can’t even come up with a word that describes what this all even feels like. I’ll admit, I have my faults. And even as I tried to type just one of them, I just delete it because I thought of one far worse then the last. Maybe it is just the feelings talking, or maybe this is the true me that hides under the surface of smiles and positivity breaking through that skin wall. Who knows?

It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be unsure and scared. Maybe your relationship, your education, or your career path worry you on the daily. Whatever fits your situation, it is okay to worry a ton, and be unsure, and be scared. But from what I have learned, wait it out. Not only could all that worry go away, but someone can come along or a situation could present itself that could make your problems dissipate. It’s going to hurt, and you are going to feel your heart shatter every second you think about it. But there is always a better time coming, as long as you wait… If you are dealing with a relationship issue, just wait. Wait for them to come home so you can get on the phone and talk it out. Wait for them to come home from across the country. Don’t give up. If you truly love someone, just wait.

If you can’t wait or if you are dealing with a breakup, I’m sorry. I know it sucks. If it ended with the intention that one was trying to do right, I understand. If you ended it because you were scared or because you felt like you were doing the right thing, the pain goes away, I promise. You just have to breathe, and know that you did what you thought was right. Even though you regret the decision every night, even though you stare at pictures, even though you listen to your guys’ song every chance you get…. God I hope it gets better…

Always on my mind… Always in my heart…


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