Puberty Challenge

On social media lately, I have seen a lot of these Puberty Challenges going around. Apparently you post an early photo of you, and then a more recent photo of yourself. I decided to post the difference between me at the beginning of the school year versus now. This first photo is my first day at New College of Florida, the one below is me a couple days ago.

First day of classes at New College of Florida

I notice a whole bunch of differences. I see baggier eyes, I see the stress that has built up on me through months of rigorous work and intense self realization. I shaved my head a couple times, got tattoos and got piercings. Sure, maybe I fell off the deep end as my mama likes to say. But I feel like I have risen to the heavens. I am so much more at peace with myself and what I have done in my life. It hasn’t been just my time here that I have discovered all of this about myself, but after years of therapy and guidance from others, I have certainly been more centered than I ever have.

A couple days ago

I have taken a lot more time for myself than I ever have. Working on myself, for myself, usually by myself. There is no harm in that at all. I feel like that is something a lot of college students, at least here, take time to do. I never really knew what it meant to take care of myself until I reached New College. My new found friends all have almost pressured me to sleep the right amount, and have allowed me to miss those lunch dates we planned to go and relax.

Sure, looking at me, you can tell a lot is different. I dress differently, my hair is wild. But I carry myself in such a different way than I did years ago. I am far more confident and sure of myself then I ever have been. I want to chock it up to more maturity but I know my Mom would disagree (hopefully jokingly).

How have you matured over the past year?


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