Iggy Azalea: Philosophical?

By: Marissa

While Iggy Azalea has faced her fair share of backlash for being a woman in the rap industry, I have always viewed her as just what she is, whether others choose to agree or not: an artist. Now, I don’t know if it was because I was very tired or really felt something, but I really resonated with the beginning line in one of her songs, Work.

“Walked a mile in these Louis Vuittons”

After a full year of rigorous attention to detail and analyzing difficult concepts in religious books, I have been able to find things that other people don’t. While this line may be simple, just a hardworking girl showing off her success, I personally find that to be empowering.

Let’s look at Iggy’s backstory. Amethyst Amelia Kelly, known professionally as Iggy Azalea, was born and raised in Australia. At a young age, which she outlines in most of her songs, she worked extremely hard to be able to leave Australia at 16, to come to America in pursuit of a career in hip-hop. Low and behold, she made it. While she, to some, exhumes the persona of just another rapper conforming to what the world wants to hear, just like anyone else, she has a history. A hard working one nonetheless. Through all that hard work, she has made it to a point in her life where she has achieved things some have only dreamed of. Twerking and all. However, I think we all have something to learn from Iggy: whether you like it or not.

A lot of people now a days are scared of hard work. I know a lot of people that have goals, dreams in fact, that have shaped their entire life and what they want out of life. But, they don’t want to put in the work to get there. Scared of failure. Scared of the unknown. It’s all out of fear that people don’t do the things they dream of. I fall privy to this too; I know I am not perfect. I have this crazy dream of going to graduate school, or another odd dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. Sometimes I don’t focus on these dreams because I am too scared of the failure that could come.

Will Smith did a motivational talk on fear and how it affects our lives. My favorite line from the talk was when he said, “God placed the best things in life on the otherside of terror.” I cannot express how true this is, much less how important it is to take that concept and live by it. I am sure Iggy had her doubts. I am sure anyone who aspires to do anything great in their life, has doubts. Hell, I have doubts too. But nothing can beat those doubts like actually putting in the work, KNOWING that you are working hard, and then achieving your goals.

Sometimes, things don’t work out. As I said before, Iggy got her share of backlash from many people for doing what she does. But because of all that hard work, dedication, and unwillingness to settle for less than what she wanted, she is where she is now. You can also apply this to any musician, any actor, anyone higher up on the “food-chain.” Just know, they put in the work… and so can you.

So Work hard, and be Fancy


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