Trump’s Transgender Ban: Opinion

By: Marissa

Hey y’all! I apologize for being so absent, it has been a whirlwind of a year! I have a lot of posts coming your way so be prepared, and stay tuned. Today’s post is very controversial, so if you don’t like reading politics, I wouldn’t continue to read… But, please come back later because I have other stuff on the way! :)

To get down to it, I should preface this with telling you, I don’t like talking politics. Usually it is because I feel like I don’t know enough about what is going on in the government, much less the world, and so I just don’t talk about it. That being said, I know I should pay more attention to it, and I am trying to. With social media the way it is today, I can easily look on Facebook and get the skinny about what is going on.

Over the past two days, the LGBTQ+ community, the military, and so many more are in an uproar because of President Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. I get my information for this post off CNN, and here are the links…

Military Ban

US Joint Chief Blindsided

Like I said, I don’t like talking politics. But because I feel it is my duty to my community, the LGBTQ+ community, I feel like my opinions too should be heard.

You all know, if you have been following me, that I have had gender troubles in the past. There were times where I thought I was transgender, and I got bullied for that. Not for thinking I was, but for me not being sure that I was.



You name it.

No, I am not transgender, but gender fluid. I express both sides of myself: masculine and feminine, and I am happy with that. It makes me feel whole. That being said, I did the research when I thought I was transgender. I talked to so many people, therapists, did readings online and in books. No, I do not know what it is really like to be trans, and I will never claim to truly understand, EXACTLY what it is like. I will forever love my transgender friends, trans individuals in my community, and will always support, and care for, each and everyone of them.

Unfortunately, there is another side to this. The force that is dealing with this issue: the military. No, I do not agree with the ban whatsoever. Although, I do not think it is a good idea to try and transition during active duty. After talking to my boyfriend, who is in the Army, I came to this conclusion. The reason is because, if your commitment is to your country, you need as much time as possible to serve. Dare I say it, but I almost agree with Tomi Lahren, former host of Tomi on TheBlaze. In order of what she says in her video that was posted to her Facebook page, here is what I think:

– The military is, yes, a “fighting force,”

– Not a social experiment? I don’t know if I agree or disagree but I will respect your opinion,

– No, I do not support Trump’s ban,

– Soldiers, and honestly anyone, who are comfortable and happy, have been proven to be more affective at their job (Oswald, “Happiness and Productivity”),

– I do agree with her that service members can lose active duty time for hormone treatments, surgeries, etc. Will it really impair their service ability? I have yet to see a case so far…

The video goes on, and of course, she has a lot more to say.

I believe anyone should be allowed to serve in the military. Hell, I wanted to do so myself because I felt like it was my duty for me to do so. A lot of transgendered individuals have served over the years. I do not know the exact statistics, or even their stories, but I am sure there must have been one person transitioning during active duty. Do I agree? Not completely. But as long as the job gets done. That is what matters… Along with each and every service member coming home safe, and each and every transperson feeling safe, happy, and comfortable with themselves. Whatever it takes for those two things to happen is all that matters to me.

How do you feel about politics? How does this ban make you feel?

Andrew J. Oswald, Eugenio Proto, and DanielSgroi, “Happiness and Productivity,” Journal of Labor Economics 33, no. 4 (October 2015): 789-822.


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